Building Business Credit

We offer services that will put your company in a position to borrow within 3-6 months “without” using your own personal credit, (or that of a family member).  Helping you build an independent business credit file is the best way to avoid exposing your family or home to the inevitable ‘ups and downs’ of business cycles.

According to Rich Ripley from Equifax, not structuring correctly their business, destroyed many families in the aftermath of the 2008 financial (and credit) crisis.

We help you successfully Develop & Establish an Top Tier “Elite” Business Credit Score for your business on Equifax/Experian/Trans Union & D&B (Tier 3 & Paydex of 80) within 3-6 months.  This guarantees that lenders will want to work with your business.  And you will find it easy to access between $10,000 and 5 million, whenever you need it.  Even if you work hard in your franchise and you have as many clients as you want, this does not guarantee success.  More business fail for lack of ‘cash-flow’ and ‘liquidity’ than anything else. Our Business Credit Builder program makes sure you never are stressed when clients pay late.  You will always be able to access cash! Our lenders love working with clients we recommend.

How to do we establish this Elite Business Credit Score?

We will successfully Develop & Establish 10-14 lines of credit for your business in 6 months & successfully attain $50,000 US in reporting lines of credit within 3-6 months (guaranteed by contract) without using your personal credit. Successfully Repair &/or Build your personal credit score into a 800 FICO score. After the 3 to 6 month Business Credit building period, we can help you access a 100 to 150 K line of Business Credit.

We Offer Professional Strategic Business Consulting Services.  Who do you want to talk to when needing to take a serious business decision?  With a family member or friend who never has been in business? Or an experienced business strategist who can tell you what successful businesses are doing, save you a lot of research time (and money), and give you access to his Rolodex to find competent people and lenders to work with.

Building Business Credit. What are the steps?

Our goal is to build business credit for small U.S. based businesses.  This will require participation from both your coach and you (the client) during the following process.

Why Choose The Billionaire Men Consolidation?

Our Business Strategists  will help you to become even more successful by trouble-shooting issues common to many businesses. Making it happen is YOU focusing on running your business.  Let us do the rest. Our experience can solve any problems that come up.  We are just a phone call away.

Building Business Credit

In order for our client to achieve “Impeccable”, “Elite” or commonly referred to as a “Tier 3 Business Credit” status both the credit coach and “client” will need to establish 10+ lines of business credit that will report to the business credit bureaus.  The highest level of Underwriting Guidelines from corporate lenders usually is 10-14 trade lines.

Building Business Credit What is the process?

(Step 1) Day 1 – Incorporate an LLC for our Client – 1-4 days. (If not already done)

(Step 2) Day 4 – Apply for an EIN number for our client with the IRS. 14-20 days

(Step 3) Day 1 – Create accurate profiles with Dun and Bradstreet and obtain a DUNS number if the client does not already have one.  Update Business Experian if applicable.  Any business updates usually take 10-21 days.  The length of time is determined by the business bureaus.

(Step 4) Day 6 – Create Free Business Listings.  Listings including 411 Directory Assistance, Yellow Pages, and Super Pages.  This will increase approvals and credit limits enabling lenders to locate the client’s business.  This makes lenders comfortable lending to a business without any previous credit history.

(Step 5) Day 30 – 40  We set up first 2 lines of credit with lenders that will provide terms with the client having little or no business credit history.  The client will then use the credit by making a purchase (usually $50 or more will report), then the client will pay the invoice.  This will report to the business credit bureaus within 2-6 weeks.  The client now has 1-2 trade lines reporting with the use of their Duns Number and EIN.

(Step 6) Day 55 – We set up Free Credit Monitoring so the client can see their new credit report.  Once trades have reported we can move on to other lines of credit that will approve with 1-2 trades reporting.

(Step 7) Day 60 – We send approximately 45 lenders categorized in the following rounds:

What are the different “Rounds”

First Round  lenders (these are lenders that will approve client with 1-2 trade lines reporting)

Second Round  lenders (these will approve client with 3 or more trade lines reporting)

Round 3 lenders (these will approve client with 4 or more trade lines reporting)

This process will get a Client to 10+ trade lines reporting therefore obtaining a “Tier 3 Business Credit” Status.

Lastly, round 4 lenders will approve with 10-14 lines of credit reporting.  These are high limit credit cards, working capital, and equipment financing.

Disclaimer:  Any Client who pays their new credit “Late”, “Slow” or “Past” the due date of any invoice or revolving credit line will accept the responsibility or consequences of their payment behavior.  Additionally, the approval process is based on lender guidelines.  Lenders will occasionally change or update their guidelines without notice.

So, that is the process. That is what you can expect. Would you like to proceed?

Q. “How much can I get?”

A. In the neighborhood of $50,000 – $75,000 of business credit (in a first while until you get to Elite status) with our process. The key thing is that you need to do your part and follow the instructions of your credit coach, make sense?

Who Especially Should make it a Priority to Talk with Us?

*All entrepreneurs who need to be educated on setting up and running their Start-Ups

*All Franchisees who used a personal guarantee to finance their business and discover their debt/income ratio prevents them from solving Cash Flow issues. Even better, The Business Guru helps setup things in such a way that you can take on personal projects that you have put off for so long.

*Anyone wanting to finance a franchise with Advantaclean and All State or any other franchise.

Like, Know and TRUST each other

Making it happen for our clients as well as our capacity to help starts with a relationship of trust. Let us get to know you and answer your questions.  See if The Billionaire Men Consolidation team is a right fit for you. Reach out today (leave a message) & I will be in touch.