Business Credit Builder Program

It is often pointed out that building business credit can be simpler & faster than building apersonal credit file. Business credit is measured and based on different factors than personal credit. What is acceptable for business credit is not necessarily acceptable for personal credit and vice versa.

Our programs work for 100% of the companies that apply them correctly. Our coaches will show you how.  Our business credit builder program can take your business credit very quickly from Tier “0” to a Tier “3,” the highest business credit score your business can earn. Without the director’s (or owner’s) personal guarantees, we will help your business attain multiple lines of credit regardless of the age of your company (startups accepted).

Every business that does not currently have a Tier 3 credit score needs our service. This is our premium service offering and we often start our relationship with a new client talking about this incredible strategic business tool. Talk to us today about how we can help your organization become more credit-worthy.

Our credit building program takes 3-6 months to complete. In that time, you will also learn how your business credit score is evaluated (if you don’t already know) as well as good and bad credit habits. At the end of it all, you will learn the best practices regarding building your business credit, sustaining it and using it to successfully attain funds from multiple sources.  Most importantly, we will help your company to become creditworthy so it has the ability to borrow.  And we will help you every step of the way. Of course.

Business Funding Solutions

Now that you have a premium tier 3 credit rating with approx. $50K USD of credit available, you are ready to access other funding options that were not available before.  This is where things get exciting.

We currently offer the largest database of bankers and private funding sources in the United States. The world of banking and traditional funding has changed drastically since the credit crisis of 2018 and alternative funding strategies have become the norm. We are not a financial broker, we are strategic business consultants.

Financial brokers work with high priced funding solutions that typically have higher APR rates. As a part of our consulting practice, we found that a lot of the businesses needed funding at more reasonable rates.  So we created relationships with one of the top ten banks in our country & we have access to large number of alternative private funders.

You can now leverage all of the financial resources we have at our disposal to ensure you get money for your business no matter what stage of business development you are currently in, including start-ups.

Elite Business Credit

We have the ability to educate & assist you to learn how to develop “elite business credit”. Elite business credit is a rating of Tier 3 on Equifax, 85 on Experian & an 80 on Dunn & Bradstreet.

With elite business credit you can gain access to business loans & lines of credit without personal guarantees. That’s right, no more personal guarantees, can you just imagine. If you’re going to do business, learn how to do it right especially if your a start up. If you’re not sure how do it, talk to us about helping you. Nothing we do is about judgment for you.

It is always only about taking you form where ever  you are at currently to where ever  you want to go, you’ll be more successfully doing it with us & we will provide you vast knowledge so, you can do everything better. Doing it right also means limiting your personal exposure & protecting your family. Let us show you how to do it all.

Making the impossible, possible!

We have taken people that everyone else has turned down for funding & we have successfully restored their personal credit & placed them into a position to borrow within 30-60 days.

We have the ability to help you to restore your personal credit. We are not talking about credit repair; we are talking about credit restoration. “To return something to its original state”.

We have the ability to educate & assist you on how to learn how to live under the corporate vial & protect everything that you hold as most dear to you. Making the impossible possible!

Strategic Business Consulting is about thinking differently about old problems & at times turning those problems into solutions. Strategic Business Consulting is about ongoing business education, a way of doing something that leads to you’re success.

It is in helping entrepreneurs like you, by providing you access to strategic business intelligence when you need it that will help guide you through your business opening successfully & on track.

While no one can see the future as clearly as the present, strategy seeks to illuminate and make possible desired outcomes. Making the impossible possible is now made real, at least here in our space & with our clients. This is the space we play in! This is home for us & it is unique to us.

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